My bike won't turn on?

Updated 1 year ago by Lectric eBikes

Let's double-check that everything is in place for your bike to turn on.

  • For your first ride, be sure to charge your battery until the light on your charger turns green, depicting a full charge. This may take a few hours.
  • Once your bike is fully charged, insert your key in its slot underneath the frame of the bike and turn it counterclockwise two notches until it reaches the "ON" position and is parallel with the frame. You can find more information about this in your owner's manual.
  • Once your key is in the correct position, hold down the power button on your control pad for a couple of seconds and your display will turn on.

Here is our first ride video with these details in visual form:

If you continue to have issues with your Lectric eBike, we recommend that you check the connections on your bike and reach out to our support team at or (602) 715-0907.

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