Accessories: Bottle Shaped Bike Lock Instructions

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Looking for a bike lock that’s easy to store and seamless to keep with you at all times? This Bottle-Shaped Bike Lock is easily stowed in your eBike water bottle holder!

How to unlock and lock the bottom Key-Compartment:
  1. Begin by twisting the bottom portion of the lock clockwise until there is resistance and then pull down to open it. The keys will be stored inside and are used to unlock the bike lock.

The Bottle Shaped Bike Lock comes with 2 Keys. It's a good idea to separate the keys so you have a spare in a safe place.

  1. To lock the bottom Key-Compartment, you must first line up the two tabs on the bottom cup to fit into the designated slots on the lock and push it in.
  2. Once the cup is secured to the lock, then spin the cup counterclockwise until there is resistance.

How to lock your bike:
  1. Begin by holding the base of the lock because the top of the lock will spin.
  2. Next, grab the metal pin and pull out the cord until there is enough cord to wrap around a permanent fixture.
  3. Fish the cord around a part of your bike frame and a permanent fixture and then push the metal pin through the locking hole of the bike lock until you hear an audible click.
  4. Perform a pull test to ensure the cord is fixed to the lock.

How to unlock your bike:
  1. Use one of the keys that came with the Bike Lock and insert it into the top of the lock in they key cylinder
  2. Turn the key clockwise all the way and while the key is turned, the pin of the lock will be released and you can pull it out.
  3. Retract the cord by spinning the top of the lock counterclockwise until the cord is wrapped in the lock entirely.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at or (602) 715-0907.

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