Accessories: Bottle Holder with Adapter Installation

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Hydrate to dominate! Keep your water bottle easily accessible with the Lectric Water Bottle Holder & Adapter.

Mount Bottle Cage behind seat tube:

  1. Using a 4mm Allen Key, unscrew the two 4mm bolts behind the seat tube
    1. The XP 1.0 does not have mounting points and will require the Mounting Adapter to install. See Instructions below.
  2. Place the bottle cage against the mounting points
  3. Use the 4mm bolts to secure the bottle cage onto the seat tube.
  4. Place your 12-24 oz bottle into the holder

Mounting Bottle Cage to Stem or Handlebars:

  1. Begin by identifying the longest 3 mm hex bolt. Use the 3mm hex bolt to mount the mounting plate to the handlebar clamp. Turn clockwise until tight
  2. Next, place both sides of the clamp around the stem or handlebar (depending on the desired mounting location)
  3. Screw in the shortest 3mm hex bolts into both sides of the clamp to secure it onto the stem or handlebar.
    1. Use the included spacer if needed.
  4. Align the bottle cage onto the mounting plate and use the remaining 2 screws to secure it to the mount.
  5. Place your 12-24 oz bottle into the holder

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at or (602) 715-0907.

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