Accessories: XP Trike Wag-Along Pet Trailer Tow Bar & Hitch Installation

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An XP Trike and a Wag-Along Pet Trailer? Sounds like a match made in heaven to us! This tow bar and hitch will seamlessly pair these two adventure-ready accessories together.

To properly use the Wag-Along Pet Trailer on the XP Trike, you need the XP Trike Wag-Along Tow Bar & Hitch (sold separately).
Do Not use the tow bar and hitch included with the Wag-Along Pet Trailer with the XP Trike.

Check out our Service Center video guide or scroll below for written instructions!

Installing the XP Trike Hitch:

  1. Align the holes of the trike hitch tab and the trike clevis hitch.
  2. Put the M12 bolt through the hitch and tab.
  3. Start threading the 18mm nut onto the bolt.
  4. Push the nut into the hex cutout.
  5. While keeping the nut inserted into the hex cutout, use an 8mm allen wrench to tighten
    the bolt.
  6. Tighten to 30nm.
  7. Perform a pull test to ensure it is installed correctly.


Installing the Tow Bar:

  1. Remove the original tow bar for the Pet Trailer by removing the cotter pin located in the tow bar receiver.
  2. Depress the spring pin and remove the tow bar.
  3. Insert the new 90° tow bar.
  4. Reinstall the cotter pin into the tow bar receiver.

  1. Perform a pull test to ensure it is installed correctly.


Connect the Tow bar to the Pet Trailer Reciever:

  1. Follow the instruction in the Pet Trailer User Manual with the new Tow Bar or watch the video here.


It is always the user’s responsibility to ensure the passenger and/or cargo loaded on the Lectric XP Trike do not interfere or impact the user’s ability to safely operate the Lectric XP Trike.

Please read the Lectric XP Trike Owners Manual for more information.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at or (602)-715-0907.

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