How to customize the bike to your size

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Adjust your Lectric XP to fit your body type and riding style

We have designed our bikes to be optimized for the 2% of individuals with mobility issues, consequentially making it a better fit for the other 98% of riders as well! Yes, our bikes are adjustable, and one size fits (almost) all. Let's make sure your bike is the perfect fit for you by going through these 4 steps:

  1. Start with your saddle height. We recommend that you align the height of your saddle with your hips as a starting point. To adjust, open the quick release located at the seat post tube on the frame. Once you have the perfect height, you can close the quick clamp. Be sure the clamp is tight and the seat is locked into place.
    1. Every body type is different. The "ride at the hip" technique won't work for everyone. Adjust the seat so at full extension your knee is straight or at a slight bend. Experiment with this and find what is most comfortable for you.
    2. NOTE: It's important to be sure the seatpost is inserted past the minimum insertion point marked on it.
  2. Next, adjust the stem height. Open the stem clamp and adjust the telescoping stem to the point where your arms feel most comfortable. Once you have the perfect height, you can close the stem clamp. Make sure all clamps are adjusted properly so that the handlebars will remain in place.
    1. Recreational riders are usually best served by a handlebar that is in line with the saddle or above it. This usually gives a very comfortable position.
    2. NOTE: Be sure you are past the minimum insertion point marked on the telescoping stem.
  3. The saddle is intended to support the rider however is most comfortable for them, and the saddle angle is critical to that. Adjust the saddle angle and distance from the bars by first loosening the two 14mm nuts located directly underneath the saddle. The saddle may take a fair amount of force to initially break free but once you do you will be able to adjust that angle and slide the seat forward and backward. Once you have adjusted the saddle to a comfortable angle and distance: tighten the two 14mm nuts so the seat remains in place during use.
    1. If your saddle is angled too far up then it can cause lower back, shoulder, and neck pain
    2. If your saddle nose is tipped down it can put too much pressure on your arms, wrists, and hands
  4. Adjust all components on the handlebars; display & control pad, brake levers, shifter, and grips until your neutral riding position is comfortable. Again make sure everything is tightened down before you hit the trail.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at or (602) 715-0907.

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