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When buying a rack specifically for an Ebike there are a few factors to keep in mind.


The main thing to consider when looking for an electric bike rack is the weight capacity of the rack. Compared to your typical road bike (around 17-18 lbs), a single electric bike can weigh an average of 55-60 lbs, with some models weighing up to 80-90 lbs! The Lectric XP weighs 64 lbs (with the battery) so if you are planning on transporting two on a rack make sure it is rated for AT LEAST 126 lbs.

It is recommended that the battery be removed from the bike before transport.

Mounting Options

There are three main types of racks for bikes: roof racks, trunk-mounted racks, and hitch-mounted racks.  The first two generally aren’t as suitable for heavier electric bikes, while hitch-mounted racks offer the highest weight capacity and the most flexibility. Hitch mounted racks are what we recommend here at Lectric.

Hitches come in 5 different classes, corresponding to the strength and towing capacity of the hitch.

The class of hitch you’ll need for your bike rack will likely fall into the range of class II or III. You’ll likely want to get a class III hitch with a 2″ receiver tube. This allows the most flexibility for a number of hitch-mounted racks as well as reduces the side-to-side movement that comes with a smaller hitch.

Why Hitch mounted racks?

  1. Hitch mounted racks generally have higher weight capacities than other types of racks
  2. They offer more flexibility in loading/unloading your trunk. Many hitch-mounted racks having a ‘tilt’ function to give access to your trunk while your ebikes are still mounted to the rack
  3. Hitch mounted platform racks, which support the wheel of the bike, offer the most flexibility for a variety of bike sizes and frames.  With electric bikes, the center of gravity isn’t always in the center so supporting the ebike by the wheels offers better stability and support.

Best Electric Bike Racks of 2021.

Bike Rack


Rack Highlights

RockyMounts Backstage

2 eBikes

Easiest Cargo Access

Saris SuperClamp EX

2 eBikes

+2 Regular bikes

Highest Bike Capacity

Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE

2 eBikes

Highest Per Bike Weight Capacity

Saris Freedom EX

2 eBikes

Lightest Rack

Community Support

We recommend reaching out to the Facebook group "Lectric XP Owners Group" as these owners have excellent suggestions regarding third-party products and ample experience traveling with their bikes!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at or (602) 715-0907.

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