What is the maximum rider weight?

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Check out the table below to see the payload capacity for each Lectric eBike model:


Rider Weight

Rear Rack

Front Rack

Payload Capacity


330 lbs

60 lbs

35 lbs

330 lbs


330 lbs

300 lbs

35 lbs

450 lbs

XP Lite

220 lbs

55 lbs

35 lbs

275 lbs

XP Trike

330 lbs

75 lbs

35 lbs

415 lbs

XP 3.0

255 lbs

150 lbs

35 lbs

330 lbs

It is recommended that the suspension fork is locked out if rider weight is over 265 pounds.

It's important to note that rider weight can significantly impact the top speed and range.

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