Battery Range

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Range is a tricky thing and can vary depending on many variables. Weight, tire pressure, elevation changes, level of PAS/throttle, amount of pedaling power, wind conditions, number of stops and starts, temperature, top speed setting, and brake rubbing all have an effect on range.


Rated range per change

48V, 9.6ah Battery

45+ Miles

48V, 10.4ah Battery

45+ Miles

48V, 14ah Battery

65+ Miles

48V, 10.4ah Battery x2

100+ Miles

48V, 14ah Battery x2

150+ Miles

Riding on lower levels of pedal assist will maximize your battery's range. Riding on higher levels of pedal assist and aggressively using the throttle will drain your battery much quicker.

Here is an example test scenario where 25 miles can be achieved: 180lb rider, a tire pressure of 30 PSI, flat ground, full throttle at 20mph, no pedaling, no wind, few starts and stops, 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and minimal brake rubbing. Any variations from any of these listed factors will yield different results.

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