Accessories: XPedition Frame Bag Installation

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Ever wish your eBike had a glove box, just like your car does? Somewhere to throw a pair of winter gloves, a snack, or your cell phone without adding bulk to your ride? The XPedition Frame Bag will keep your favorite items convenient and secure!

Installing the Frame Bag to the XPedition:

There are 5 mounting bosses on the XPedition frame; 3 on the down-tube and 2 on the seat tube. To install the Frame bag, we will need to use both bosses on the seat tube and the third boss on the down tube.

  1. Begin by using a 4mm Allen wrench to remove the 3 screws installed on the intended frame bosses.
  2. Next, position the Frame Bag over the crossbar and unzip the lid.
  3. From the inside of the bag, thread the screws into the frame and gradually tighten them in a criss-cross pattern.
  4. Perform a light pull test to ensure the bag is secure to the frame.

Then you should be good to pack your bag with items, zip the lid closed, and enjoy your ride!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at or (602) 715-0907.

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