Accessories: Top Tube Bag Instructions

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Ever wish your eBike had a center counsel to stash small items, just like your car does? The Top Tube bag is the perfect way to keep small items handy and have quick access to your cell phone for navigation and entertainment!

Installing the Bag to the frame:
  1. Start by opening the small velcro tab at the end of the Top Tube Bag and then wrap the 2 straps around the base of the handlebar stem. Then secure the velcro straps together. Perform a light pull test to ensure the velcro is secure.
  2. Next, place the bag on the top of the frame of your eBike with the suction cups facing down.
  3. Open the bag and use your hand to press firmly on the backside of the suction cups to engage the seal.
    1. For extra security, you can use the longer velcro strap in the middle of the bag around the frame, however, this strap is optional for installation.

Storing items into the Bag:
  1. Unzip the bag to open the lid
  2. Place small items in the bottom portion of the bag
  3. To store your phone or iPod, slide the device face up into the folder on the top
    1. To use wired headphones or chargers, push the cord through the bottom cord port and snake it through the other end.
  4. Close the lid and zip it shut.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at or (602) 715-0907

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