Accessories: Battery Thermal Sleeve Instructions

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Snow on the forecast? Improve your battery performance and keep your battery protected from the cold weather and harsh elements with our Battery Thermal Sleeve! Get ready for the winter season today!

Installation Instructions:
The Battery Thermal Sleeve has specially designed slots on the back for the accessory bosses on the eBike frame so that they can still be utilized with the sleeve installed. Due to the positioning of the bosses, the Thermal Sleeve can be used in two orientations;
(1) With the accessory slots at the bottom of the downtube for the High-Step frame.
(2) With the accessory slots at the top of the downtube for the Step-Thru frame.
  1. Begin by ensuring the bike battery is properly installed into the frame (see owner's manual for more information). Then, open the sleeve by pulling on the ends until they pull apart fully.
  2. Install the thermal sleeve with the velcro along the bottom of the downtube or directly under the battery. Position the sleeve with the 3 open slots over the accessory bosses on your eBike's downtube.
  3. Push the ends of the sleeve together to secure the velcro strips together. Be sure to press firmly all the way down for a tight, insulated fit.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at or (602) 715-0907.

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