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Our new bike locks ensure safety and security. The instructions below show you how to install the mounting holder to your bike for easy access while out on a ride and how to lock your bike up.

Installing the Bike Lock

  1. Remove the bike lock from its casing.
  2. Place the casing onto any of the mounting bosses on the frame of your bike, the most common place being on the back of the seat tube that faces the rear fender; face the opening of the casing upward.
  3. Use a 4mm allen wrench to fasten the casing to the mounting points.
  4. Insert the lock into the casing and secure it using the rubber strap attached to the top of the casing.

Locking Your Bike

  1. Disengage the lock by turning the corresponding lock key clockwise.
  2. Unfold the lock by pulling the sides apart, like an accordion.
  3. There are two locations you can choose from when engaging your lock as follows
    1. Option 1: Insert one end of the lock through the handle, attached to the seat tube and ebike frame. Wrap the body of the lock around a pole or similar, permanent fixture.
    2. Option 2: If no permanent fixture is available to secure your bike, insert one end of the lock through the top spokes of the rear wheel and the opposite end of the lock through the bottom spokes of the rear wheel.
  4. Slide the pegged side of the lock into the key cylinder.
  5. Turn your key counterclockwise to engage the lock.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at or (602) 715-0907

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