Accessories: Trike Canopy Installation

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This accessory will keep you as cool as a cucumber while you cruise! Enjoy protection from the sun, wind, unwanted moisture, and bugs with the Trike Canopy.
Lectric eBikes strongly recommends using a friend to make the installation process a little easier.

To properly attach the Canopy to the XP Trike, the large basket must be installed on the rear rack. Assembly instructions for the large basket can be found here.
What's in the Box:
  1. (2) Curved Mounting Plates labeled as “A”
  2. (1) Headtube mounting plate labeled as “B”
  3. (1) Front Support Arm labeled as “C”
  4. (1) Front Left Arm labeled as “D(L)”
  5. (1) Front Right Arm labeled as “D(R)”
  6. (4) Poles labeled as “E”
  7. (2) Canopy Bars labeled as “F”
  8. (2) Single-fold canopy poles labeled as “G”
  9. (2) Curved canopy support bars labeled as “H”
  10. (1) Rear double-bar connector labeled as “I”
  11. (2) Rear poles labeled as “J”
  12. (1) Rear mounting bar labeled as “K”
  13. (2) Rear mounting plates labeled as “L”
  14. (1) Windscreen
  15. (1) Canopy Topper
  16. (2) Nylock nuts
  17. (8) Split washers
  18. (8) 5mm button head bolts- 12mm length
  19. (8) 5mm barrel bolts - 28mm length
  20. (4) 5mm low-profile bolts
  21. (2) 5mm Hex Keys
  22. (1) 5mm Allen Wrench

Check out our Lectric Service Center Video for an installation tutorial:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at or (602) 715-0907.

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