Error Code: E007

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This error code signifies a motor fault.

Below are two items to check:

  1. Your motor cable is located near the rear axle on the right side of the bike. Unplug the quick plug with a quick pull (do not twist). Inspect both sides of the cable, it's normal for three of the pins to extend slightly past the other six, reconnect it by lining up the arrows and ensure the cable is fully inserted and that nothing is preventing it from connecting. Once plugged in, test your bike to see if that fixed the issue. If not, continue to step 2.
  2. Open up your controller panel and check each wire to ensure it is fully connected, seated properly, and free from damage. Here is a video that demonstrates how to access your controller:

If you continue to experience E007 errors after double-checking these cables, we recommend that you reach out to our customer support. From there, we'll be happy to continue troubleshooting with you!

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