Chain Removal/Attachment

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Part of maintaining a healthy bike is knowing how to remove and reattach your chain. Watch a detailed demonstration on how to perform that process:

Follow along using this guide:

  1. Before removing the chain, shift your chain to the smallest chainring and smallest cog. This will help alleviate tension from the chain.
  2. Remove the chain by using a chain removal tool to release one of the chain pins. This will temporarily break one of the connections that hold the chain together. When reattaching the chain, be sure not to completely separate the pin from the metal; this will make the reconnection more difficult.
  3. After the chain has been carefully removed, it may be a good time to inspect the freewheel. Look for signs of wear and tear around the profile edges of the teeth, as this could affect the chain's rotation. Assuming everything looks good, use a cleaning solution to wipe the freewheel and chain of dirty residue. It would be counterintuitive to attach a clean chain to dirty cogs.
  4. Thread the new chain by setting it around the upper freewheel and wrapping it around the lower freewheel, creating an "S" shape. Pay close attention to make sure you're threading the chain properly through the pulley wheels on the rear derailleur.
  5. Reattach the chain with the chain tool by reversing the process you performed to remove the pin.

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