Accessories: Front Rack Installation

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Correctly installing a new bike rack is the first step to safely and efficiently hauling cargo. For example, if you have valuable goods sitting in a front rack that was poorly installed, you could cause serious injury to yourself or others.

Follow along using this guide:

  1. Remove the headlight using a 5mm allen wrench; the fender will subsequently detach. Reconnect the fender using the screw and washer that previously secured the headlight. Then unplug the cable connectors.
  2. Before installing the rack, attach the headlight to the rack by turning it upside down and attaching it to the insertion hole located at the front/bottom of the rack. Then use a 5mm allen wrench to fasten the headlight with the screw and washer.
  3. Install the cable connector extension cord to the quick plug located on the headlight. Be sure to use your zip ties to fasten the extension cord to the outward-facing loops that are built into the frame.
  4. Then install the front rack above the front tire. Use the hook, located above the screw holes on the front rack, to secure the wiring harness – so that the wiring harness does not interfere with any turning movements.
  5. Use a 4mm allen wrench to install the screws/washers to the mounting points located at the front of the bike.
  6. Install the cable connector extension cord so that it runs through the middle of the suspension fork. Then connect the other quick plugs and you'll be ready to ride!

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