Why should I register my eBike?

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How to register your eBike

You do not need to register your bike with Lectric eBikes in order to claim your one-year warranty.

However, there are many online websites that allow you to register your eBike! We recommend Bike Index, but it's important to note that Bike Index is an online directory that is not affiliated with Lectric eBikes.

Why register your eBike in a database?

By registering with bike Index you are not just protecting your own bike, you are also making it more difficult for bike thieves to steal, which helps the entire eBike community.

If your eBike is stolen and it shows up at a pawn shop or a reselling marketplace, you will be able to file a police report or simply have a positive ID for your lost or stolen bike.

Log onto Bike Index. If you are a new user click the "Sign up" button on the top left of the homepage. Follow the steps to create an account. If you have used Bike Index before simply sign in with your existing account.

  1. Bike index requires information to register bikes including, bike type, serial number, model year, frame model, manufacturer, frame color, and your personal email.
    1. You can locate the serial number of your Lectric XP and XP Step-Thru on the headset of the bike. It is engraved in your frame right above/behind the front light. You can also find the serial number on the shipment label of the bike's box.
  2. After your eBike is registered be sure to keep tabs on your username and password so you can access your bike's index when you need to (hopefully that won't be necessary).

How to Transfer ownership, or report a bike as lost or stolen.

Bike registration is permanent, however, it's free through Bike Index to transfer the bike's ownership when you sell it. If your bike is lost or stolen be sure to report it through Bike Index's system so your local bike community can get the bike to its rightful owner.

Use the following steps to transfer ownership or report a bike as lost or stolen:

  1. Click the gears on the top left of Bike Index's homepage and visit the "Your Bikes" page.
  2. Find the bike you would like to transfer and click the "edit bike" link. From that page you will be able to transfer ownership of your bike, report it lost or stolen, add photos, upgrade components, and more...
  3. Proceed as the website will walk you through the remainder of the process.

Many people unknowingly purchase stolen bikes because they aren't aware of online databases that register bikes.

Bike Index is that resource. Next time you buy a used bike, check the index first.

Bike Index offers bike shops and law enforcement an easy-to-use interface to investigate suspicious bikes and a way to quickly contact the rightful owner.

Stolen bikes are recovered every week through this process.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at contact@lectricebikes.com or (602) 715-0907.

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