How do I operate my LCD Display?

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LCD Display Functions 

Display Readouts




Walk Mode, Cruise Control, and Pedal assist (PAS) Level Indicator


Odometer, Trip A, Voltage, Current, Trip Timer (TM) readouts


Battery level indicator bar


Speedometer in MPH or KM/H


Light On/Off Indicator


Mile and kilometer indicators

Operating the LCD Display



Turning the bike ON/OFF

Hold the power button until the display turns on

Increase Pedal Assist Level

Press plus (+) button

Decrease Pedal Assist Level

Press minus (-) button

Turn ON/OFF front/rear lights

Hold the plus (+) button for 3 seconds until lights turn on, repeat to turn off

Toggle Odometer, Trip A, Trip B, Voltage, Current, Trip Timer (TM)

Press and let go of the power button

Max Speed and Average Speed

Press and hold the plus (+) and power button simultaneously to toggle between the speedometer, max speed, and average speed

Notes: The trip meter will reset when the bike is powered off. The maximum and average speed will be calculated for a given trip and will reset when the bike is powered off. When the bike has not been used for 10 consecutive minutes the display will automatically shut down. The pedal assist and throttle features will no longer work when the display is turned off.

More details about the operation of your Lectric eBike can be found in the user manual.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at or (602) 715-0907.

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